It’s really hot… sunniest June since 1938

Malta International Airport met office says mean temperature was 2.6ºC more than norm.

Put some sunscreen on... it will probably get hotter.
Put some sunscreen on... it will probably get hotter.

June 2012 was warmer than the climate average temperature for this month, with the mean air temperature of 25.6°C being 2.6°C more than the climate norm.

June 2012 was the sunniest June since 1938. We had an average of 12 hours and 36 minutes of sunshine a day, which is 1 hour 42 minutes of sunshine more than the climate norm. The brightest days were the 7th, 11th and 12th with 13 hours and 20 minutes of bright sunshine, whilst the dullest was the 4th with 9 hours and 30 minutes of bright sunshine.

The warmest June was that of 2003 with a mean temperature of 26.1°C. With the exception for the first eight days of June where the maximum temperatures were within the norm, June 2012's maximum temperatures were well above the mean. The maximum temperature started to increase after the 8th of June until it qualified as a heat wave from the 18th to the 23th when the maximum temperatures were 5°C or more above the norm of 27.5°C for six consecutive days. The highest air temperature of 36.1°C was reached on June 21st, but this did not exceed the record of 40.1°C recorded on 13th June 1997.

Last month's lowest minimum temperature was 15.7°C and this was recorded on June 7th. The coolest June night since 1947 was that of June 7th 1975 with 12.6°C.

The average sea surface temperature last month was 23.3°C, which is 2.4°C above the norm for June.

Last month humidity was 64%, which is lower than the climate norm of 71%.

No precipitation was recorded at Malta Airport this month. The last time when no precipitation was recorded in June was in 1982. The highest June rainfall since 1922 was recorded in 2007 with a total of 76.2 mm.

Wind speed in June averaged 6.5 knots and was less than the climate norm by 1.7 knots. For 90% of the time it was in the light speed bracket (1-10 knots) whilst for 6% of the time it was variable. The Northwest was the most frequent direction. On June 5th a maximum gust of 24 knots was recorded from the West direction.

There was one day with fog, on the 15th, when visibility at Malta Airport decreased to 200 metres.

The Malta Airport MetOffice urges the public to be more attentive to the UV Index forecasts as these are reaching high levels.



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