GWU condemns personal attacks on transport secretary

The General Workers Union condemns personal attacks on its transport secretary Charles Agius by newly set up Public Transport Union.

The General Workers Union has condemned the personal attacks on the union's transport secretary Charles Agius by the acting president of the Public Transport Union (PTU), Samuel Grech.

Yesterday, Grech, the acting president of the new house union of Arriva bus drivers, accused the General Workers Union of "attacking" the Public Transport Union over the resignation of some 100 members.

Over 100 members have resigned from the GWU and joined the new PTU, which claims 170 drivers.

"The truth is we had been long insisting with section secretary Charles Agius to wake up from his slumber and present our justified demands to Arriva," Grech said.

The GWU said Grech's actions "do not honour the new union and shows an excessive lack of ethics which is not accepted or tolerated in Maltese trade unionism."

"When a union representative personally attacks another union representative, trade unionism would be dragged to the lowest level possible."

The GWU added that it will not "fall into the trap" of personal attacks even though "it is well informed on why and how the TPO was established." The GWU also said it knows who is behind the PTO's statements.

Meanwhile, the General Workers' Union insisted that contrary to what the PTU was claiming, the number of workers who were withdrawing their resignation from the GWU was growing.

The PTU yesterday denied claims by the GWU that a number of Arriva employees had rejoined it after having defected to the new union.

The GWU said it was informing the management of Arriva about the workers' decision and being a responsible union, it was not in a position to make exaggerated requests the acting president of the PTU wants.

The union added that discussions with Arriva will continue tomorrow and it will be doing its utmost for the talks to be concluded within three weeks.

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