PN’s unanimous vote for Cachia Caruana dominates newspaper headlines

Today’s newspapers have been dominated by the unanimous vote taken by the PN Executive Committee keeping Richard Cachia Caruana safe within PN ranks.

Richard Cachia Caruana remains within PN ranks after Executive Committee unanimously votes against Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's motion for his dismissal.
Richard Cachia Caruana remains within PN ranks after Executive Committee unanimously votes against Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's motion for his dismissal.

General Workers’ Union newspaper l-orizzont carries the front page headline ‘We will govern until the end’ after the PN Executive Committee unanimously voted against Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s request to dismiss Richard Cachia Caruana from the Nationalist Party. The Executive Committee did not find Cachia Caruana guilty of any of the three accusations made by Pullicino Orlando who said that this will now be a time of reflection in comments made to MaltaToday after the meeting last night.

PN newspaper In-Nazzjon focuses on the fact that instead of presenting any hint or proof from witnesses presented to the committee by Pullicino Orlando against Cachia Caruana, witness Gordon Pisani, communications executive of the Office of the Prime Minister, chose to read conversations about the case in Mistra denying Cachia Caruana’s involvement. After five hours of witnesses, there was no connection between the three allegations and Cachia Caruana.

The Times of Malta carried the headline ‘PN clears Cachia Caruana’ who received an expression of solidarity from fellow Nationalist Party members. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi applauded the democratic process taken on by the Executive Committee despite there being just two witnesses. Gonzi said he had no doubt that Cachia Caruana would be found innocent and Pullicino Orlando’s position within the PN had already been decided by the Committee last week and will remain unchanged.

Cachia Caruana did not need to testify since there was no substantial evidence brought against him. The Malta Independent explained that the charges brought against Former EU ambassador Cachia Caruana included collusion with Labour administration  between 1996 and 1998 for his own personal interest while negatively portraying fellow colleagues in the PN between 1987 and 1996. Pullicino Orlando also accused Cachia Caruana of being at the foundation of Gonzi’s difficulties with the party and in parliament. 

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Raymond Mintoff
News headlines: The North Korean People's Committee" voted unanimously in favour of ARr-Si-Si by show of hands.
Lino Micallef
Dr.Gonzi should have sacked RCC long time ago. He was on the board of Directors to approve the RJ70's and Azzurra Air partnership, that made a hole in AirMalta's assets and ruin the financial backing it had. Yet he declared that if it wasn't for RCC AirMalta would not continue to exist.LOL surely there was his signature, to approve the RJ's, and that is a proof of incompetence. Can Dr.Gonzi explain this please? With prudence of course and not giving a stupid answer as he did before, "let us put this episode behind us and look forward."
Anthony Demanuele
Simply a circling of the wagons exercise .The blue-jacket brigade would support and protect him even if he was found guily of murder

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