Labour ‘to prove government’s economic mismanagement, PM’s irresponsibility’

Leader Joseph Muscat reiterates mismanagement accusations against Prime Minister on economy.

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat meets representatives from the Malta Union of Teachers.
Opposition leader Joseph Muscat meets representatives from the Malta Union of Teachers.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat said his party will be "showing" Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi's mismanagement and irresponsibility when it comes the economic sector.

Addressing the press from his office at the PL's headquarters, he however stopped short of saying what these arguments will be.

Official data released on Friday by the National Statistics Office showed Malta's structural deficit has reached an unprecedented €333.3 million in the first seven months of this year, €95.1 million more over the first seven months of 2011.

However, Gonzi gave assurances that the government would reach its financial targets despite the deficit having spiralled out of control. He added that the most important thing was to reach the deficit targets at the end of the year.

"The Prime Minister is undermining how the Maltese are reading the economic situation of the country," Muscat said this morning.

He said that more importantly was not reaching one's targets at the end of the year, but the method employed to achieve those results throughout the year.

"In the coming days we'll be showing how irresponsible the Prime Minister is. The economic situation has slipped from under hands as a result of his mismanagement," Muscat added.

Muscat said that over half of government's debt accumulated under Gonzi's premiership.

Reacting to the Nationalist Party's decision to uphold the ban against backbencher Franco Debono, Muscat said this didn't change anything from what the PL has long been saying.

"Government is jumping from one crisis to another. If the Prime Minister truly believes that this is not a sign of instability, than he's really out of sync with reality."

Muscat added that the repercussions of the political crisis were spreading into the economy and affecting the country's financial interests.

The Labour leader today also met with the Malta Union of Teachers. He said that a new Labour government would be ready to hold further public consultations over the new curriculum if teachers fail to gain ownership of the new educational system.

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