Publication of electoral register in government gazette

The Electoral Commission notifies the general public that a revised Electoral Register for General Elections and for Local Councils as well as the European Union Electoral Register have been published in the Government Gazette of the 5th October, 2012.

Any person who had the necessary qualifications to be registered as a voter in accordance with the provisions of the General Elections Act (Chap.354), and/or the Local Councils Act (Chap.363) and/or the European Parliament Elections Act (Chap.467), on the closing date 30th September, 2012, and whose name has not been included in the respective Register and every voter whose designation, address or other particulars have not been shown correctly has, according to Art. 39 of the General Elections Act, up to Friday 26th October, 2012, to appeal to a Revising Officer to have one's name included or one's particulars corrected in the respective Electoral Register.

Any registered voter who:

1)      desires, for any lawful reason, to remove from the register the name of any person for want of the requisite qualification; or

2)      claims that the respective designation, address or other particulars are not correctly shown in the register;

may also submit an appeal to a Revising Officer to this effect in accordance with Art. 40 of the General Elections Act, up to Friday, 26th October, 2012.

Any person desiring to appeal to a Revising Officer may seek assistance at the Electoral Office.  The attention of the general public is drawn to the importance of verifying their inclusion in the Electoral Register.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of a person's entitlement to vote when General and Local Council Elections, Elections for Administrative Committees for Communities and Elections for the European Parliament or Referenda are held.

A list of all persons registered as voters in the Local Councils Register is being made available at the respective Local Council Offices and at Police Stations.  The General Elections and European Union registers may be viewed at the Electoral Office.  The registers shall be made available for sale as hard copies or on cd from the Department of Information.

It is also notified that a Revising Officer may order the inclusion of a person's name, or the correction of the designation, address or other particulars or the cancellation of the registration of a voter, notwithstanding that no prior application may have been made to the Commission.

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