Muscat meets Muslim community at Castille

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat hosts Muslim community at Castille, Imam congratulates him for electoral victory.

Joseph Muscat welcomed the Muslim community leaders at Castille this afternoon.
Joseph Muscat welcomed the Muslim community leaders at Castille this afternoon.

The Imam Mohamed El Sadi, the Muslim spiritual leader in Malta congratulated Joseph Muscat for his appointment as Prime Minister and said that the majority of Muslim voters voted for Muscat.

El Sadi added that Mario Farrugia Borg, one of the community's leaders, had done a good job in convincing the Muslim community to vote for Labour.

Mario Farrugia Borg, a former Nationalist Party local councillor, is a prominent Labour activist and is currently working within the Prime Minister's private secretariat. 

Muscat said that Farrugia Borg, present for the meeting, would be his interlocutor with the Muslim community.

Moving on to the wavering of the loan owed by the Mariam al-Batool school, the Imam requested that an official document is drawn up which confirms that the loan would be waived.

"I am informed that the Ministry for Education has already kick started the process to issue the formal waiver," Muscat assured him. 

Imam El Sadi also talked about the school's plan to expand and requested for the government's facilitation in this matter.

"I am sure that you will help us because you always respect and fulfill your promises," he added.

The Muslim community also suggested that a person be chosen to act as an interlocutor between the two sides. The community, the Imam added, was in the process of establishing an Islamic Council to coordinate the relations between the community and the country's authorities.

"This also to facilitate the integration of the Muslim community in the Maltese society," El Sadi added.

Muscat said he knew the community had long been planning the expansion of its school and government would make sure to facilitate the process. He said that by June or July, government should be able to kick start the process for the land devolution.

"However, we are currently investigating the matter as we found out that the land promised by the previous administration for devolution is actually smaller than that of the original plan," Muscat said.

It transpires that part of the land may now be in the hands of third parties.

The Prime Minister said the Muslim community was a minority in the Maltese society and his government would make sure to give it all the support it needed.

"Like our children, your children are Maltese and we want the best for them. A school with strong financial foundations is in the country's best interest, especially when your school is a model in of integration and tolerance," Muscat said.

The school's head is Maria Camilleri, a practicing Roman Catholic.

Muscat said he looked forward to discuss women's rights with the community representatives.


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Windston Churchill wrote in his book "The River War". Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of this religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. Please be careful because were this influence is in the majority only sorrow brought to its people.
Here one must ask if Mr Mario Farrugia Borg is the same person who after the PN discovered that he was embracing the Muslim religion, he was kicked out and not allowed to seek re-election. If he is, one only has to go to the Times of Malta portal and see what comments are being posted.

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