Dalli offers power of attorney for MEPs to verify Bahamas denials

John Dalli writes to MEPs saying he is ready to give power of attorney for trusted individual to validate claims over Bahamas money transfer.

John Dalli with European Parliament president Martin Schulz (file photo)
John Dalli with European Parliament president Martin Schulz (file photo)

John Dalli has written to Members of the European Parliament telling them he is ready to hand over a power of attorney to a person duly appointed by MEPs, to determine whether he holds any cash or bank accounts in the Bahamas.

The former European Commissioner, who was forced to resigned in October 2012 over allegations that he was aware of a €60 million bribe to reverse anti-smoking laws, yesterday denied having transferred up to $100 million in cash in the Bahamas.

"I state most emphatically that I never had any bank accounts in the Bahamas. I am prepared to give a power of attorney to a trusted individual to make all the checks with any or all the banks in the Bahamas to verify this. I declare that I do not have any bank accounts in any other jurisdiction except in Brussels where I received payments from the Commission and in Malta where my pension payment is deposited," Dalli told MEPs in his letter.

Dalli said the story, appearing first in the International Herald Tribune, was replete with insinuations that he was trying to move millions of dollars to the Bahamas.

"These millions of dollars did not exist. On the 8 July I discussed the objectives of the proposed philanthropic project to get an understanding of what its pertinence [was]. No funding was discussed. In August I again visited. I met Mr Barry Connor for the first time as he was visiting the house every day. Discussions were very open and in front of everyone present. When potential funds and their management were mentioned, Mr Connor stated that he was the beneficiary of a trust in the Bahamas and that that fund can be used. I asked how trusts in the Bahamas work."

Dalli, who told the Herald that he was given voluntary advice on a philanthropic initiative with Africa as its target continent, said that in the Bahamas he talked about "an innovative cheap power generation that would be very useful to be used in the project."

Dalli also said the villa in which his family stayed during this stay as rented by Barry Connor to the company managed by his daughter, Claire Gauci Borda. "It was used as a base for meeting people coming from the US," Dalli said.

Dalli added that his assistance in the philanthropic project was "totally on a voluntary basis. I am currently dedicating more time, still on a voluntary basis, to conclude the projects that are being set up so that when funds become available this initiative can be launched. These funds are promised from private sources."

The former commissioner claims that the allegations published by the Herald are an attempt at damaging his reputation.

"Those who colluded in the set-up that led to my termination from the commission tried very hard to achieve this aim, forcing my arraignment by the police in Malta. Evidence of ferocious political interference by the administration that was voted out of office last March, is coming out. When this did not succeed, the same people are resorting to concocted stories like the one appearing in the International Herald Tribune."

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Do you remember then President Bill Clinton saying "I never had sex with that woman". He tried to convince the American Congress that oral sex was not the same as having sex. But alas the Congress did not see it that way. Something is fishy about this whole story.
Priscilla Darmenia
Prosit Mr Dalli for proposing to give a POA to trusted MEP's. It shows you have nothing to hide. - If I were you I would sue the International Herald Tribune and dare them present the evidence to support their story.
"resorting to concocted stories to damage my reputation": niftakar il-Prim Mintoff kienu ta' sikwit jiktbu fuqu l-gazzetti Inglisi u hu mhux l-ewwel darba fittixhom fil-qorti Ingliza u kien jirbhilhom somom kbar ta' flus.Jien tghidx kemm nakkuza lil prim ministri kemm Laburisti u kemm Nazzjonalisti li kienu imdahhla fil-frame-up ta' missieri, Karm Grima, dak li wehel inturtament bil-vjolenza tal-15 ta' Ottubru 1979 u hadd qatt ma tkellem jew cahad dak li ktibt ghax tieghi ma humiex allegazzjonijiet ghax hemm Inkjesta li kixfet kollox.Morru taht Karm Grima fuq ILLUM, Malta Today jew Times of Malta u taraw imma omerta hi d-difiza taghhom. Sur Dalli fittex lil-gazzetta jekk ghandek ragun jew...
Fair enough let's see who will take up the challenge maybe someone from TOM or MT should also work on this piece of "Investigative" journalism.