Reported crimes increase by 14.3% in 2013 when compared to previous year

Crime in Malta has steadily increased over the past three years with the rate increasing by 14.3% in 2013.

In his reply to a parliamentary question by opposition MP Jason Azzopardi, the home affairs minister Manuel Mallia said that 14,244 cases were reported in 2011 and 15,623 in 2012.

Last year the crime rate increased to 17,586 and as expected the highest incidence of crimes was reported in touristic areas with a staggering 2,915 cases reported in St Julian’s alone followed by Sliema and St Paul’s Bay.

In his reply, Mallia explained that in 2,406 crimes were reported in St Julian’s in 2011 and 3,053 in the following year.

Theft, bodily harm and damage topped the list of crimes in the area which includes Paceville.