Works on 'intelligent transport system' have begun - Mizzi

Project will include a traffic management system that could give public transport and emergency vehicles automatic access through traffic lights

Works on an ‘intelligent transport system’ that will help Transport Malta manage traffic have begun, Transport minister Joe Mizzi announced. This project will introduce a network that will give people real-time information on traffic conditions, a road flooding alert system on roads prone to flooding, and an electronic parking guidance system that will give people real-time information on the roads leading to Malta’s three main Park and Ride facilities. It will also include an Urban Traffic Management and Control System that could allow traffic lights to automatically turn green when public transport and emergency vehicles approach them. 

This project’s funds come from a mix of national funds, European Regional Development funds, and private investment. It is expected to be completed by 2020.

Mizzi told a conference of 21 European road directors that financing and maintaining these projects is proving to be 'challenging'. "Project delays are potentially costly to the economy," Mizzi said.

"Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy," Mizzi said. "Malta can easily be compared to one big European city whose recently increased economic activity has continued to yield even busier roads." However, he warned that many of Malta’s roads are now at, or close to, their capacity.

The government will ‘place the least possible burden' on the environment when carrying out its road projects, Mizzi added. 

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