Labour reassures PN leader on energy bill reductions

Labour says it will keep its word on reducing energy tariffs for businesses in March 2015

Businesses will benefit from a 25% utility bill reduction by March 2015, the Labour Party said yesterday.

“After putting more money in people’s pockets by reducing energy bills in March, this government will boost businesses by reducing their bills. The opposition leader can put his mind at rest.”

The statement was issued following the Nationalist Party's call on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to honour his pre-election promise and complete the power station by next March, in order to be able to finance the utility bill reductions.

On Friday, Muscat did not commit himself when quizzed over the completion of the new power plant, which government was bound to complete by March 2015.

In March of this year, energy bills were reduced by 25% for households and Labour insisted that “as promised” businesses will enjoy the same reduction in five months time.

“PN leader Simon Busuttil has no credibility on energy. The Nationalist Party increased utility bills to unprecedented heights and voted wholeheartedly against the tariff reductions,” Labour said, adding that Busuttil had described Labour’s plans as a “gimmick.”

While pointing out the PN’s resistance to switch energy generation to gas, Labour said that while the current administration has a positive attitude and delivers on its promises, the opposition is “accustomed to mediocrity.”

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