Jesuits receive bullet and threatening letter

Jesuits opposing shooting range complex in Mosta receive bullet and a threatening note quoting classic Sergio Leone western

The Jesuits residing at the Mount St Joseph retreat house yesterday received a packet by mail, which contained a bullet and a threatening note in clear reference to their opposition to the construction of a new shooting range in the area.

Provincial Patrick Magro filed a report at the Mosta police station upon receiving the bullet and the note, which quoted a famous scene in the Western classic The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The note reads; “Dear Jesuit Fathers, There are two types of people in the world, Those who dig and Those who hold a loaded gun, You dig, We hold the loaded gun, Fuck with us, We will fuck  you”.

The Jesuits are opposing the proposed shooting range and provincial Patrick Magro said that the Order has not been consulted on the impact on the range, which if approved by Mepa, would be located some 300 metres away from the retreat home.

“We are concerned about safety, apart from the noise… a 2006 draft policy on shooting ranges stated that they should not be located close to hospitals, schools, or homes for the retired,” Mount St Joseph Director Stephen Scerri said.

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