'Tallinja' cards and new fare structures to come into force on 1 July

New bus fares and ticketing system to start on the 1st of July

Tallinja card
Tallinja card
Tal linja card top-up vouchers will be available at numerous outlets in Malta
Tal linja card top-up vouchers will be available at numerous outlets in Malta

The 1st of July will mark the launch of the new fare and ticketing systems for Malta Public Transport.

“Customers will be able to use the cards they have registered for on that date,” Transport Malta commercial director Daniel Grech said, adding that the cards are being distributed to people’s letterboxes by post.

Grech said that a rate of €2 will apply for those who decide to pay the bus fare on the actual vehicle rather than by pre-paid card.

“More than 100,000 people have so far registered for the tallinja card of which more than 40,000 Kartanzjan holders,” Grech added explaining that the response had exceeded expectations.

Grech said that customers could immediately start topping up their tallinja card when they receive it. He added that the card works similarly to a mobile phone top up card, with customers paying an amount of money and the appropriate rate being removed from their bills once the card is swiped on the bus.

“There are various ways that the card can be topped up including an online top-up on tallinja.com via debit card or voucher. Vouchers can also be bought from over 1,500 authorised sellers including Agenda Bookshops, where customers can scratch off a panel at the back and type in the number beneath at the appropriate phone number,” Grech said.

He added that vouchers could also be bough at one of the five kiosks around the island at Mater Dei, Valletta Terminus, Bugibba, the Sliema ferries and Rabat, Gozo, or at any one of the 35 MaltaPost offices around the island.

Grech added that customers would be able to check their credit either via the website, by sending a message to a particular number or by visiting the kiosks or customer care offices.

He added those registered would also receive an information pack along with their cards.

Grech also explained that the change to the new routes would be gradual and that those in Gozo would begin on the 21st June, whereas the changes in Malta would start some time in mid- July.