‘Greece deal confirms that populism gets you nowhere’ – Busuttil

Opposition leader says Greece has 'accepted to carry its responsibility in return for the extension of European solidarity to the Greek people'  

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil hit out at Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for having “taken his country to the brink” prior to an agreement with Eurozone leaders on a third bailout package.

“Last night’s Euro summit confirms that people need responsible leaders that provide solutions, and not populist leaders who take their country to the brink,” Busuttil said in a statement. “Populism gets you nowhere.”

He welcomed the agreement and called on the Greek government to respect it, for the sake of Greece and Europe alike.

“This is important for Greece, but also important for [Malta], because we are part of the Eurozone,” he said.

Echoing the mantra of German chancellor Angela Merkel, he said that Greece "has accepted to carry its responsibility in return for the solidarity that we are extending to the Greek people.”

Greece and the Eurozone struck a deal on a €86 million bailout this morning after a marathon round of talks that lasted 22 hours.

To save Greece from a Eurozone exit, Tsipras was forced to make a U-turn on his anti-austerity pledges and to give in to the majority of his creditors’ demands, even harsher than those that the Greeks voted against in a recent referendum. The fresh austerity deal includes measures to streamline pensions, raise tax revenue and liberalise the labour market. A €50 billion Greece-based fund will also be set up that will privatize or manage Greek assets. Out of the fund, €25 billion will be used to recapitalize Greek banks.

Greece will now have to pass these reforms in Parliament by Wednesday. 

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