Police to pay less tax on extra duty

The Home Affairs Ministry announced two measures, that were presented in the last budget, and are aimed at improving the financial package of police and army workers.

File photo
File photo

The Home Affairs Ministry is introducing two new measures which will increase the financial packages for Police and Army members.

Soldiers allowance will now increase from €279.50 to €627.

Soldiers who have particular craftsmanship will be receiving the highest pay for manual work. The Ministry said between 300 to 400 soldiers will benefit from this initiative.

Another measure will see that tax rate for the extra duty carried by the police officers, will decrease from 25% to 15%.  At the moment, there are more than 420 police members that are registered for this work.

Home Affairs Minister, Carmelo Abela said that these measures form part of a series of initiatives that are aimed to improve the working conditions of those employed in the disciplinary sector such as those in the army and the police.

He also announced that, during this year, the Ministry will continue to announce further on a modernization process.