Parliament approves law proposed by PN regarding healthy living

Parliament approved a law proposed by the Nationalist Party regarding the promotion of healthy lifstyles and treatment of non-communicable diseases

Parliament Building in Valletta
Parliament Building in Valletta

A private member’s bill presented by PN MP Robert Cutajar passed its third reading in parliament this evening.

The Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles and Treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases was approved by parliament and enjoyed the support of both sides of the House. Junior health minister Chris Fearne seconded the motion.

PN deputy leader for parliamentary affairs Mario de Marco praised the collaboration between the two sides which made parliament’s approval possible.

The Nationalist Party described this approval as proof of the Opposition’s ability to make a difference.  

The law proposes the setting up of a consultative council that would, among others, establish the list of healthy foods that should be eaten, define the role of local councils and how day care centres can improve their operations to promote a healthy lifestyle.