Air Malta’s future: meetings this week with General Workers Union

Two meetings scheduled on Monday and Tuesday between Air Malta and General Workers Union on the future of national airline.

Illum newspaper reports on high-level meetings called by the finance ministry with the General Workers Union, which represents the majority of employees at the national airline.

Air Malta has an uncertain future ahead of it after posting its very first summer losses this year, in what was otherwise described as a ‘record year’ for tourism.

The GWU is demanding information on the state of the company, which employs 1,500 employees. Also interested in the discussions are the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) which run their own union and will be meeting the finance minister.

READ the full story in Illum here.

Alfred Galea
Here comes Lufthansa to the rescue......
It is evident that the issue of Air Malta has already taken the form of that used with MDD. It looks like that who ever is responsible for Air Malta has one thing in mind: THAT OF CREATING MORE SPACE FOR LOW COST AIRLINES (WITH ONE PARTICULAR COMPANY GAINING MORE THAN THE REST). iF DR AUSTIN GATT NEVER SAID ONE GOOD THING, HE DID SO WHEN HE SAID "Air Malta is a strategic asset to the country. It's very easy to destroy, but very difficult to rebuild" (THE TIMES 30.09.2006). Some one is managing to turn Air Malta into GHASFUR TAC-COMB MA' JTIRX!! Who is he?