In the Press: Konrad Mizzi ‘will not resign’

A round-up of the newspaper headlines on Sunday morning.

MaltaToday carries an interview with Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi, who says he will not resign. The minister also says that he will submit to Inland Revenue Department’s annual audit on his trust set-up in an offshore company in Panama. Mizzi also denies he is avoiding paying tax on asset base by using Panamanian company and New Zealand trust, a favourite set-up for those seeking privacy in international tax havens.

MaltaToday’s rate the minister survey sees justice minister Owen Bonnici’s approval ratings slump in the wake of the controversial magistrates’ appointments. Survey results also shows that judging by the performance of its ministers in the latest survey, justice, home affairs, and transport are the Labour government’s Achilles’ heel. The newspaper also reports that De La Rue would be shedding 430 jobs from its Malta plant, and not 300 as initially envisaged.  

Sunday newspaper Illum says three Nationalist MPs personally approached energy minister Konrad Mizzi, saying they disagree with the attacks being carried out by the Nationalist Party. The newspaper also reports certain Opposition MPs have expressed reservations at the way the party is targeting Konrad Mizzi out of fear that their financial interests could be put under the spotlight.

The Sunday Times of Malta quotes energy minister Konrad Mizzi, who says he has no regrets over acquiring a company in Panama, a blacklisted country, and that he has nothing to hide. The newspaper also says that migrants at a popular meeting area in Marsa have been terrorised by a series of drive-by attacks, by aggressors who they claim have pelted them with eggs, glass bottles and even a fire extinguisher.

The Malta Independent on Sunday says each Cabinet member has opted for an annual €7,000 allowance instead of being given a second car, a measure that is set to cost the government approximately €770,000. The newspaper also says that Konrad Mizzi will ask tax commissioner to audit him next week and that the prime minister’s chief Keith Schembri of staff also has a Panamanian company and a New Zealand trust.

It-Torca says the claims against Konrad Mizzi are unfounded because his company in Panama and trust in New Zealand hold no money or arrests. The newspaper also says that Opposition leader Simon Busuttil also failed to declare his share in a trust company.

Nationalist news organ il-mument says Konrad Mizzi used a company which also works for oligarchs and dictators. The newspaper also quotes PN leader Simon Busuttil in saying that Konrad Mizzi’s behaviour is unacceptable.

Labour newspaper Kullhadd says newly appointed PL deputy leader Konrad Mizzi will act as a bridge between the government and the Labour Party. It also reports that former Nationalist minister George Pullicino spent €1 million on persons of trust.

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