In the Press: Opposition calls for dismissal of Mizzi, Schembri

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The Times of Malta

The recently published Panama Papers show that one Leticia Montoya Moran, working for the Mossack Fonseca firm whose data was leaked, was a shareholder in some 10,000 shell companies it registered, including that owned by energy minister Konrad Mizzi. Other shell companies include ones used to help country leaders funnel kickbacks and state funds into private accounts. 


Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said that PM Joseph Muscat, in the wake of the unprecedented Panama Papers leak, now has two options in front of him - to sack his energy minister and chief of staff, or to step down himself. 

The Malta Independent

ATC Administrators, the company from which minister Konrad Mizzi bought Hearnville Inc, his shell company in Panama, has a murky history of its own, according to Costa Rican news reports.

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