In the Press: PM will decide Mizzi's fate

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The Times of Malta

Konrad Mizzi's political fate rests with PM Joseph Muscat after Mizzi, in a speech during the Labour party AGM yesterday, acknowledged the public fallout in the wake of the Panama Papers leak. 


The Opposition presented a motion of no confidence in the government yesterday, a move it said it made in the national interest after the recent scandal 'crippled' the government. 


Former PN minister Joe Cassar testified in court yesterday, in a case focused on an alleged meeting with businessman Joe Gaffarena on the eve of the last general election. 

The Malta Independent

BT International, a company owned by Brian Tonna, whose firm Nexia BT advised minister Konrad Mizzi on offshore accounts, is the sole shareholder in Mossack Fonseca & Co. (Malta). Tonna says this is purely on a fiduciary basis.

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