Air Malta threatens legal action against ALPA president

Air Malta denies allegations after ALPA president was quoted questioning where was the money from cargo services going

ALPA president Dominic Azzopardi
ALPA president Dominic Azzopardi

Air Malta has called on the president of the pilots association, Dominic Azzopardi, to withdraw or substantiate allegations made during a meeting with Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

“The airline feels that these are serious allegations about its cargo operation and asks Mr Azzopardi to publicly immediately withdraw or substantiate these allegations with relevant facts within 24 hours. In default legal action will be taken against him,” Air Malta warned in a statement.

Azzopardi, who together with other union representatives met the PN to discuss ongoing developments at the national airline, was quoted as raising suspicions over Air Malta's cargo services. “We want to know that people using the service are paying for it. There is €200 million in turnover. Someone is not paying for the service they are getting. The planes are always full of cargo. Where is the money going?” Azzopardi was quoted as saying.

Air Malta categorically denied the allegations, describing them as “totally unfounded and are solely aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Board of Directors, the Management and the loyal workforce of Air Malta”.

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