Franco Debono seeks invitation to run on Labour ticket

Former PN MP says Labour’s political direction matches his own beliefs

Franco Debono
Franco Debono

Former PN MP Franco Debono would accept an invitation by the Labour Party if it were to invite him to contest the general elections on a PL ticket.

Debono, who broke ranks with the PN in 2012 when he was still a member of parliament elected on a PN ticket, was appointed Commissioner of Laws of Malta by the Labour administration.

Now, Debono has gone public in confirming that he would be interested in contesting the general election on a Labour ticket, if the opportunity arises.

"I’m considering everything. I agree with Labour’s political direction as it corresponds a lot with what I believe in,” Debono told Manuel Micallef on ONE Radio this morning, when asked whether he would contest the fifth district on a Labour ticket.

Debono’s comments made the rounds on Facebook, prompting the Ghaxaq lawyer to post a comment of appreciation for the support shown by several Labour supporters, including “suldati tal-azzar” [soldiers of steel].

“I appreciate how several Labour supporters, including soldiers of steel, are encouraging me to join [Labour] and run for the elections,” he said.

Expressing his humility at the support being shown, Debono said that if he were to contest, he’d be “the smallest” of them all but, with a great will.

“Together with my childhood friends Joseph Muscat and Edward Zammit Lewis and the rest of the Labour team, I would give it all to see Malta moving forward and become the best in Europe,” Debono said, echoing Muscat’s battle cry.

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