Malta Enterprise takes disciplinary action against Jimmy Magro

Malta Enterprise says it has taken the disciplinary steps against former Labour Party secretary-general under investigation for corruption

Malta Enterprise today said that it has taken disciplinary steps against former Labour Party secretary-general who is under investigation for corruption.

Malta Enterprise said it took disciplinary steps against Magro :as stipulated in his contract to safeguard the agancy's and all involved persons' interests."

Earlier this week, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici revealed on that Magro - the former executive secretary of the Local Councils Association -  was being investigated by the police force’s Economic Crimes Unit after the Permanent Commission against Corruption concluded he had asked for money during a tendering process related to waste,

The minister delivered an official statement in Parliament over the findings of the Commission’s report and said the government would be taking all possible disciplinary action against Jimmy Magro – the person implicated in the Commission’s investigation – now that it had received the full report.

Magro was general secretary of the Labour Party between 1991 and 2003.

“Rest assured that anyone involved in corruption will not find a wall to hide behind,” he said. “Talking is cheap, but this government will be judged on the actions it is taking in cases like this.”

Bonnici said that Jimmy Magro had been appointed as executive secretary of the LCA on 1 July 2007 and that contrary what some persons testified during the investigation, Magro was not a ‘person of trust’ with the government.