PN MPs roles assigned • PD’s decision to be discussed on Friday

PN parliamentary group assigns roles in shadow cabinet • PN MPs to discuss on Friday decision that would see Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia joining their parliamentary group

PD's decision to be discussed by the Nationalist Party on Friday
PD's decision to be discussed by the Nationalist Party on Friday

With the Nationalist Party having assigned the roles to its members of parliament, the parliamentary group will now meet on Friday “to discuss” the decision taken by the Partit Demokratiku, which would see Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia joining them.

On Wednesday, the Partit Demokratiku said that its elected MPs are joining the PN opposition’s parliamentary group.

The PD candidates contested the elections on the PN ticket.

“As promised, I will ensure the proper functioning of both the party and the Opposition in order to ensure a smooth transition towards the new leadership in September. In line with my commitment to ensure a fair level playing field in the upcoming leadership contest of the Partit Nazzjonalista, I have decided to assign a role to each and every Member of Parliament in the Parliamentary Group,” leader of the Opposition, Simon Busuttil, said.

“The decisions I have taken today will ensure that from the opening of Parliament this Saturday, Partit Nazzjonalista will present a strong and effective Opposition both in the House of Representatives as well as outside it.”

The PN’s parliamentary group has yet to discuss the PD’s decision to join its parliamentary group, with a meeting scheduled to take place on Friday.

“The Partit Nazzjonalista parliamentary group will discuss, on Friday, the decision of Partit Demokratiku that Marlene Farrugia MP and Godfrey Farrugia MP will form part of the Opposition parliamentary group,” the PN said.

The Nationalist Party will be nominating MP Claudette Buttigieg as deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, replacing Censu Galea who had been serving as deputy speaker since 2010. Galea was not elected to parliament in this election round.

The majority of PN MPs re-elected to parliament have retained or given similar portfolios held by the previous shadow cabinet.

Mario de Marco, deputy leader for parliamentary affairs, is spokesperson for finance whilst deputy leader for party affairs Beppe Fenech Adami holds home affairs and national security.

Fenech Adami will be nominated as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Therese Comodini Cachia, who has given up her seat in the European Parliament, will be the spokesperson for education and employment whilst Stephen Spiteri has been appointed spokesperson for health.

Karl Gouder is spokesperson for culture and the media.

Maria Deguara is spokesperson for the elderly and persons with a disability whilst Hermann Schiavone is spokesperson for public administration and the public sector.

Ryan Callus, opposition member on the planning authority, is the spokesperson for the property market and development planning whilst Ivan Bartolo is the spokesperson for social housing and the fight against poverty.

Clyde Puli is the spokesperson for family and social affairs.

Jason Azzopardi retains justice and constitutional affairs and whip David Agius is spokesperson for citizens’ right and social dialogue.

Robert Cutajar is spokesperson for local councils.

Claudio Grech is spokesperson for economic affairs and competitiveness, Kristy Debono retains the services sector whilst Robert Arrigo is spokesperson for tourism and Air Malta.

Edwin Vassallo is spokesperson for small business, self employed and cooperatives.

Marthese Portelli is shadow minister for transport, infrastructure and capital projects whilst the environment, sustainable development and climate change have been given to Karol Aquilina.

Jean Pierre Debono is spokesperson for energy and water management and Toni Bezzina is spokesperson for agriculture and fisheries. Mario Galea retains animal welfare.

Gozitan MPs Chris Said and Frederick Azzopardi are spokespersons for Gozo Affairs and education and social affairs in Gozo, respectively. Azzopardi is also the deputy whip.

Carm Mifsud Bonnici is now spokesperson for foreign affairs and trade promotion whilst David Stellini is spokesperson for European Affairs.