Chris Said invites other PN leadership contenders to joint social activity

After sitting down for coffee together, PN leadership hopeful Chris Said now wants the four candidates to organise together an event for party activists

Chris Said, who is contesting the election for leader of the Nationalist Party, has called for a joint social activity to be organised by all the candidates for party activists.

In a Facebook post, Said said the activity would include no political speeches, but simply serve as an occasion to have fun and come together as one family.

“After 16 September, the party must be united and not waste further time in working to bring itself back together,” he said.

Said, who is contesting the PN leadership together with Adrian Delia, Alex Perici Calascione and Frank Portelli, said that, if elected leader, he would use his wide-ranging experience in politics to bring everyone together as a family.

“When you know the party well, it would be difficult for anyone to guide you wrong about people, since you would know those people personally,” he said.

Said insisted that all Nationalist MPs should be free to make decision swithout anyone imposing his will on them.

“That is why I left any MP who approached me and indicated he wanted to endorse me, free to do so,” he said.

Said said he was humbled and encouraged by the support he was being shown.

“At the same time, those who are choosing otherwise will still have my support as leader of the PN,” he said. “I will work with all those who are genuine.”

Said’s latest endorsement came from Alexiei Dingli, mayor of Valletta, who said that Said was not one to get lost in speeches, preferring to roll up his sleeves and get working.

“At such a difficult moment for the PN, the party needs an experienced leader who can start working from day one,” he said.

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