Barcelona attack ‘another criminal satanic act’, says Imam

The head of the local Muslim community condemned the attacks and said they caused ‘grave harm to the Islamic faith’

Imam Mohammad Elsadi
Imam Mohammad Elsadi

Imam Mohammad Elsadi has condemned Thursday’s terrorist attacks in Spain, describing them as a ‘criminal satanic act’ that only served to cause grave harm to the Islamic faith and its followers.

In a statement, Elsadi said that Islamic Static and perpetrators of similar attacks had driven non-Muslims to fear and hate Islam. This, he said, exposed the religion’s faithful around to world to suffering and injustice.

“The injured and dead victims came from 34 countries including Islamic countries,” said the Imam, adding that the fact made what was a “horrible offence a kind of genocide against humanity”.

He also pointed out that thousands of innocent Muslims had also been killed by the Islamic State with several cities, including Mosul, Fallujah and Anbar in Iraq and Palmyra and Raqqa in Syria.

"The disastrous consequences of IS criminal practices show that Muslims are the main victims of IS terrorism and prove that IS is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. It only serves the Satan and the enemies of Islam" he added 

According to the Imam, terrorist attacks by IS in Europe endangered the peaceful existence of Muslims who had secured shelter from dear and death, on the continent.

“We appeal to the European people not to judge Islam and Muslims according to the evil practices of a few ignorant crazy criminals who only represent themselves,” he said while extending condolences to the families of those who died in the attack and wishing the injured a quick recovery. 

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