Delia hits out at Labour plan to relax cannabis prohibition rules

PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia: “Labour’s plan for youths is marijuana.” 

Adrian Delia addressing a press conference in Bugibba
Adrian Delia addressing a press conference in Bugibba

The Nationalist leadership candidate Adrian Delia has hit out at the Labour government’s stance on cannabis law reform, in presenting his proposals for youths and education.

“Labour’s plan for youths is marijuana,” Delia said.

Labour plans to relax cannabis prohibition rules in a public consultation drive to discuss what Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said was the failure of the war on drugs.

“Drugs are not a personal choice,” Delia said. “Health minister Chris Fearne has proposed a choice that would leave society in a great deal of suffering.”

A former Birkirkara FC president, Delia said sport would be an intrinsic part of his proposals for education as well as a “weapon against drugs”.

“The importance of sports in education is seriously underrated… sports should not be a once-a-week affair but a serious investment in our youth and kids that successfully shapes them for the years to come.” 

Delia said that  a "greater deal of investment should be dedicated to local sports", describing  National Sports School and similar intiatives as a step in the right direction.

Delia also declared that as opposition leader he would “ continue the fight on corruption” .

Delia stressed that “ the illegal gambling operating currently operating in Malta is bigger than the government thinks”, as he claimed that over 70 million in illegal bets where placed last year on local matches. Delia emphasised that “people involved in corruption shouldn’t be dealt with leniency.”