Cyclists should be allowed to use carriageway in tunnels: Bicycling Advocacy Group

The Bicycling Advocacy Group also pointed out that no footpaths have been modified to allow ease of access for cyclists, despite the group winning the right to use footpaths.

Laws need to change to allow cyclists to use the carriageway in tunnels, the Bicycling Advocacy Group (BAG) said.

The local commuting pressure group is also calling for the installation of Dutch-style roundabouts close to the Santa Lucia tunnels, arguing that the roundabout will allow cyclists and pedestrians access to paths set back from the main roundabout.

“We need to make sure we don’t force people to opt to use their car for tiny short trips they used to walk, like we have already seen in Lija,” they said.

The NGO also called for a substantial upgrade of the current tunnels, proposing reflective wall covering and realignment of lighting in tunnels.

“Unlike other EU countries, tunnels are a traditional barrier to cyclists in Malta,” the NGO said.

BAG also pointed out that, to date, no footpaths have ever been upgraded or modified with ramps to allow ease of access for bicycles.