PN, Labour, to support Sunday's 'Gustizzja' demonstration

The Nationalist Party, Labour Party, AD, NGO Aditus, KNZ, and student organisation SDM to attend Sunday’s demonstration.

The Nationalist and Labour Parties will both attend Sunday’s demonstration in call for justice following the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The Nationalist Party announced that it would unite with citizens at Sunday’s demonstration. Leader Adrian Delia said that the Nationalist Party has urged the Prime Minister to take political responsibility of the situation.

The Labour Party, who will also be attending the demonstration, insisted on the organisers’ appeal that the demonstration should not be partisan or offensive. "This spirit must guide us as a nation in the face of last Monday's barbaric act. An act to which we must answer as a united nation,” the Labour Party said.

Alternativa Demokratika will also be present on Sunday. Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said that this barbaric act should unit citizens in favour of free speech. Cacopardo also insisted on reformation and for authorities to take immediate action to strengthen the nation.

Human rights NGO Aditus also said it will join the march, as well as the student group Studenti Demokristjani Maltin. “Monday’s abominable act was not committed in a social or political vacuum but as a result of the culture of hatred, division, bigotry and opportunism that successive Maltese Governments and Parliaments have fuelled and thrived on,” Aditus director Neil Falzon said.

“Aditus condemns the national situation that has led to, permitted or even encouraged the brutal assassination... these volumes of hatred and social divide have been carefully assembled and fortified by the two main political parties, who over decades have successfully fragmented Maltese society with impunity.”

The General Workers’ Union will also be participating in tomorrow’s demonstration. "In such a time, the country should unite and work in favour of national unity and freedom of speech."

KNZ also condemned the attack and said that "the authorities concerned should strive to collaborate as much as possible to bring those responsible to justice". They invited all Maltese and Gozitan youths to join the demonstation.

Student organization SDM urged all students to join at the demonstration, and even invite the general public to make use of the transport being organized by KSU which will leave from university at 3pm.