Former Labour MP Anthony Zammit passes away

Professor Anthony Zammit, who was 67, had been battling cancer

Prof. Anthony Zammit
Prof. Anthony Zammit

Former Labour MP Anthony Zammit has passed away at the age of 67 after battling cancer.

Prof. Zammit, who was elected to Parliament in 2008, left a great impact in the medical field, specifically in surgical medicine. He also operated ex-Labour leader Alfred Sant in 2007 when he was seriously ill. He was an MP until 2013.

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta, Zammit moved to Germany to study medicine for a number of years. He later lectured at a university in Dusseldorf. To this day, he is well known for his medical work in Germany.

He returned to Malta in 1958 and worked as a surgical consultant at St Luke’s hospital. He also lectured medicine and surgery at the University of Mata.

Zammit will be remembered for having helped thousands of Maltese people who were in need.

Both Labour and the PN offered their condolences to Prof. Zammit’s family.

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