[WATCH] New Year's Resolutions

A number of Maltese personalities share their New Year’s resolutions and wishes with MaltaToday

New Years Resolutions for 2018

The New Year is time for reflecting on the previous year, reassessing life choices and planning for the year ahead – but also renewed gym memberships, nicotine patches, and self-help books. MaltaToday got in touch with various Maltese personalities, from politics, culture, and sports who shared their resolutions for the new year.

TV producer and presenter OWEN BONNICI has two resolutions: first to read more books in Maltese, and second is to meet more regularly with his older relatives throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.

Football player ANDRE SCHEMBRI said he’ll be sticking to reducing mobile phone use and focusing on being more patient.

MARIO VELLA from Brikkuni told us that his resolution is to remain unpleasant and to continue to poke fun and everything and everyone — particularly himself. He would like to finish reading a book in Maltese, to conclude his songs, to continue to chase women (much) younger than himself, and to visit a speech therapist for his impediment.

CLINTON PAUL, a singer and pop artist, would like to build more new experiences, travel more, schedule more ‘alone time’ and connect with old friends.

Nationalist party leader ADRIAN DELIA  said that he wants, and needs, to spend more time with his family, especially his children. Also, he says he needs stop smoking. “On the 27th December at 6pm, I had my last cigarette and I don’t plan on having another one.”

XFM radio presenter TRUDY KERR said that for 2018 she would like to learn to speak Maltese better. DESTINY told us that she plans to pay more attention in school and study harder since she will be sitting for her o-level exams next year.

Teen singer and holder of a Medal for Service to the Republic GAIA said that she would like to learn a new instrument, and singer AMBER told us that she would like to begin taking better care of her health.

Actress MARAMA CORLETT would like to spend more time with her parents and get to know them better, to talk less and listen more, to have more courage to apologise but also refrain from doing so when it is not necessary, to learn to speak Arabic.

Archbishop CHARLES SCICLUNA told us that his resolution is to meet more young people in preparation for the synod of bishops which will discuss vocations.

Rapper HOOLIGAN will be sticking to his usual new year’s resolutions: keeping a good diet, being punctual, and continuing to produce his music.

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