Admits to throwing paint over love rival's car

A man from Naxxar has been conditionally discharged for 3 years for throwing paint on a car belonging to a man who had allegedly been harassing his partner.


Few reportable details emerged from the hearing, which took place earlier today before magistrate Joe Mifsud. A ban on the publication of the name of the parties was issued by the court.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley explained to the court how the accused had clashed with a person who he felt had been harassing his partner and had later thrown colourant all over the man’s car, causing considerable damage.

The accused, from Naxxar, was charged with causing voluntary damage to third party property.

Lawyers Jason Azzopardi, Kris Busietta and Julian Farrugia, entered a guilty plea on behalf of their client.

In view of the particular circumstances of the case, the court handed the man a 3 year conditional discharge and issued a protection order for the injured party.



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