Updated | Dead cat left on Labour MPs doorstep

The Labour Party said the act committed outside Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi’s home was a ‘clear act of intimidation’

The Labour Party said the act represented  a clear act  of intimidation
The Labour Party said the act represented a clear act of intimidation

A dead cat in a brown paper sack was placed on Labour MP Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi’s doorstep last night, the Labour Party said in a statement.

The bag also contained an anti-government message and was a clear act of intimidation towards Zrinzo Azzopardi, the party said as it called for greater unity.

The MP said that he wanted to avoid the situation escalating, despite the fact that the act had been committed outside his family’s home.

“All of this happened outside my family’s doorstep but I will not be beating any war drums,” he was quoted saying. “This will spur  me on to work harder for unity.”

Democratic Party expresses solidarity

In a statement issued later in the day, the Democratic Party said that such a cowardly act had no place in any democratic society, or "any human interaction".

"In the pursuit of a better Malta, and the principles of good governance, environment and social justice, Partit Demokratiku sees civil discourse, peaceful protest and proactive debate as the only way to bring about real change. Such vile acts only undermine social cohesion," read the statement. "Partit Demokratiku wishes to work with all those of good faith and for political blinkers to be switched off, which otherwise lead to barbarity of this kind."

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