The days of inheriting social housing are over, Muscat says

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the country cannot move forward in the area of social housing if its inheritance is not scrapped

If the heirs of those who made use of social housing do not qualify for it themselves, this housing will be taken from them and given to those who need it, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this morning.

Social housing cannot be considered as something “ad eternum”, Muscat explained, adding that the country cannot move forward in this regard if social housing can be inherited regardless of whether those who are inheriting it actually need it.

Moreover, the issue of affordable housing is not the responsibility of the private sector, but should be shouldered entirely by the government, he said.

"That said, the government is not there to provide perpetual aid, but works to get people on their feet until they no longer need the government," Muscat said.

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Referencing a recent report which flagged an increase in emissions in Malta, Muscat said that the efforts to decrease emissions so far have not been adequate since the number of cars on the road are increasing.

To address this, the government is discussing the eventual complete changeover to electric cars, as well as other measures such as subsidies to convert all cars to LPG in the meantime.

Muscat said that a law to regulate waste separation and recycling will have to be put into place since these are not taken seriously enough in households. The environment ministry has commenced public consultation this week on the beverage bottle refund machine in order to tackle the issue.

Last week, Muscat had said that importers and producers looking to cheat the system would liable to a fine of up to €50,000 and a possible six-month imprisonment.

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