[WATCH] First ever wildlife ambulance inaugurated

The ambulance will allow volunteers to transport animals such as turtles and hedgehogs to the vet in a private and calming environment

The first ever wildlife ambulance will significantly improve the rescue and rehabilitation of animals such as turtles and hedgehogs, Nature Trust President Vincent Attard said today.

Speaking at the inauguration of the rescue van on World Turtle Day, Attard explained that the new vehicle will allow volunteers to transport the animals to the vet in a private, calming environment.

The ambulance came as a result of an agreement between Nature Trust, ERA, and The Environment Ministry, which provided €10,000 for the van, Environment Minister Jose Herrera explained.

An additional €30,000 was allocated for medication, vet care, and education purposes in order to raise public awareness on wildlife care. "This financial package will be the first step towards protecting wildlife," Herrera said.

Nature Trust currently rescues and rehabilitates around 50 turtles and 200 hedgehogs per year.