Nationalist Party announces Independence Day activities

The theme of the celebrations will be 'a caring society' and will be held on the first anniversary of Adrian Delia's election as party leader 

Secretary General Clyde Puli introduced a new theme on which the Nationalist Party will practice its politics
Secretary General Clyde Puli introduced a new theme on which the Nationalist Party will practice its politics

The Nationalist Party will be using the slogan “A society that cares” during this year’s Independence Day celebrations, secretary general Clyde Puli said on Saturday.

Puli said that Independence day was one of the most important days for the country and that the week’s events would be based on five main principles: quality of life, the protection of life, a decent standard of living for everyone, appropriate shelter for the needy and the Maltese identity.

"This is not simply a slogan," Puli said, "but a concept on which the Nationalist Party wants to practice its politics."

He went on to note that there were individuals who were still living in garages or pieces of cardboard in public gardens. People who can't pay rent and who cannot afford the cost of living, Puli said. "This is a good opportunity for the PN to discuss where it will be heading in the future." 

These discussions will be have a platform in a series of events at the Granaries in Floriana between the 15 and the 20 September. The event will culminate in a mass meeting addressed by party leader Adrian Delia. Puli said that party leader Delia will also be present at the discussions, as would a number of party exponents.

During the press conference, Puli gave details on the programme of festivities, inviting everyone, especially youngsters, to join. He said that "besides being political events, these festivities are meant to bring people together."

The programme will include a Queen tribute band and a Coldplay tribute band to play on the 15 and 16 respectively. A song contest will also take place during the festivities as well as a junior edition for young talents. Other events directed at young people include Teen Party with DJ Nate. 

The Granaries will host a number of sport activities sponsored by TIMSport PN, including a trek and a race taking place on the 16 September, as well as football matches, waterpolo events, basketball, cycling, judo, table tennis, and clay shooting.

On the 10 of September, Dar Ċentrali will also host an art exhibition in appreciation of the works of the late Gabriel Caruana.

On Independence Day, a reception for activists will be held at Independence garden in Sliema and later on in the day, another one will be held in Gozo, Puli said.