Marsa argument results in three hospitalised and two damaged cars

At around 3am on Sunday morning, Rapid Intervention Unit investigated reports of a fight in Marsa that concluded in damaged vehicles and three hospitalised individuals

Three individuals were hospitalised after an argument broke out in Marsa, Police reported. The fight broke out at around 3am. Three men involved in the argument had also reportedly damaged two parked cars in the area.

The fight was between a Hamrun resident, 33 years old, a Qormi resident of 42 years of age, and another Qormi resident, 41 years old. District Police, together with the Rapid Intervention Unit, arrived on site sometime after 3am and found two damaged vehicles, apparently damaged by the car that was being driven by one of the men involved in the argument.

The three involved were transported to Mater Dei hospital. Th 42-year old from Qormi is reportedly suffering from serious injuries, but the 33-year old is unharmed. The remaining man is still undergoing treatment and his condition is currently unknown.

Police investigations continue.