Ian Borg publicly decries Saqqajja hotel application

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg posted on Facebook earlier today saying that the Saqqajja Hotel application, currently under the scrutiny of the Planning Authority, would have a negative effect on surroundings if approved

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg
Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg

Infrastructure minister Ian Borg took to Facebook to voice his opinion on the controversial Saqqajja hotel application that aims to establish a hotel on Saqqajja hill.

The hotel would have 20th Century townhouses as part of its main structure.

One of the proposals is the the construction of two additional stories on the historical buildings.

It is this particular detail that Borg says would have a "negative impact" on the surrounding area.

"Even at this early stage, the application to construct two additional stories does not qualify under the 'Area of High Landscape Value' policy," he said.

Borg said that this was part of a larger declaration in response to a question posited to him on the topic.

The application also proposes the alteration of the parapet, a five-storey development in the garden, a bar, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Last week, Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Julia Farrugia Portelli, had also taken to Facebook to express her support of a Moviment Graffitti petition for the Planning Authority to reject the application.

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The petition gathered close to a thousand signatories, while nearly 2,000 separate objections were submitted to the Planning Authority ahead of the close of a public consultation, objections from concerned residents, heritage groups and the Rabat local council.

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