Updated | Syrian construction worker dies two weeks after fall

The 22-year-old man finally succumbed to his injuries two weeks after a five-storey fall

Triq Madonna tal-Gebla in Gzira where the accident happened
Triq Madonna tal-Gebla in Gzira where the accident happened

The Syrian construction worker from Birkirkara, 22 years of age, has lost his life, two weeks after falling a height of five storeys on a construction site.

The 22-year-old Syrian man was injured on the morning of 14 December after falling down five storeys in Gzira on a site he was working on.

The incident happened in Triq Madonna tal-Ġebla in Gżira and the man, who resided in Birkirkara, had fallen down an internal shaft.

In a statement the police had said the man sustained serious injuries.

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja is leading an inquiry and the police are investigating.

The incident followed that of another construction worker on 3 December, who fell down a height of one storey while unloading items from a van.

In November, a 26-year-old Libyan, Akram Almshay, fell down seven storeys to his death at a construction site in Sliema.

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