Adrian Delia says L-Istrina is just scratching the surface

On a telephone interview with NET FM, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that politicians have a responsibility not just to participate in L-Istrina, the fundraising event on boxing day, but to make sure that a functioning system leaves no one behind

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

PN leader Adrian Delia said that during this time of year, less fortunate people would feel the brunt of their destitution even more acutely.

"The Caritas Christmas lunch is to host at least 500 people. These are 500 individuals who are alone, less fortunate than most. If they're not welcomed by the Curia or Caritas, what would happen to these people?" he asked.

Delia said that politicians, besides participating in L-Istrina, should also make sure that a functioning system of government caters for all and leaves no one behind.

Commenting on voluntary work during this time of year, Delia said that Neville Gafa still employed by the Foundation for Medical Services (FMS) on a voluntary basis despite being sacked by Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne is contemptuous to all kinds of voluntary work.

Neville Gafa was fired earlier this month when, according to official communications from Tripoli, Gafa met with government minister in his capacity of "special envoy of the Prime Minister" ostensibly impersonating the role, and was allegedly seen rendezvousing with Haithem Tajouri, leader of the largest militia group in Libya, the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade.

"The Deputy Prime Minister fired him while, subsequently, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat praised him. I think Gafa staying with FMS on a voluntary basis was a diabolical compromise and is reflective of the Prime Minister's current situation, caught between two stones," Delia said.

"On the one hand, you have ministers like Fearne and Evarist Bartolo saying that some bad apples should go, and on the other, the Prime Minister is unable to act because these same bad apples like Konrad Mizzi are preventing him from doing so."

Following reports that Delia's wife filed separation proceedings earlier this week, Delia thanked the hundreds of people who he says offered him encouragement over the last few days.

"I want to thank them, each and every one of them, for offering their season's greetings and for their messages of solidarity," he said.