John Suda stripped of teaching warrant after indecent sexual assault conviction

After the criminal court found the TV actor and drama teacher guilty of violent indecent assault, John Suda loses teachers warrant

Maltese TV actor John Suda was found guilty of violent indecent assault on an aspiring actress
Maltese TV actor John Suda was found guilty of violent indecent assault on an aspiring actress

Veteran actor John Suda has had his teaching warrant revoked by the Education ministry after being convicted of violent indecent assault. Suda’s warrant was revoked through a notice in the government gazette.

After holding a warrant as a drama teacher for 40 years, his pedagogical methods will no longer see the light of day. “Mr Suda’s teacher’s permanent warrant number 2719 is being revoked with immediate effect,” read the notice.

The actor was convicted of violent indecent assault in October of last year after the court heard how he made an aspiring actress "recite her lines to his penis."

Suda was handed a suspended sentence for committing these acts on a 22-year-old actress back in 2015. He was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, suspended for two years.

In court, he had claimed that this behaviour was a teaching method, to train his student and to "see how cool she can stay in these situations."

The actor being stripped of his teaching warrant is in accordance with Article 30(2) of the Education Act which states that a person loses or is unable to obtain a teaching warrant if such person has been convicted by any court of criminal jurisdiction "for any crime liable to imprisonment for a term of exceeding one year or for having abused the students' trust or having used violence in their regard or of any crime because of which such person may not, in the Council's opinion be fit to practise the teaching profession in a school."

Suda's conviction satisfies all three requirements.

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