Police summoned in leaked FIAU documents investigation

A number of police officers have been summoned by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja

A number of police officers have been summoned by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, regarding the investigation into the alleged forged signatures of PN leader Adrian Delia, the Malta Independent has reported.

Prior, Delia had revealed at a press conference that he had written to the Police Commissioner to demand an investigation into the falsification of his signature by unknown persons. Delia suggested that the police should investigate a link between his falsified signature and the FIAU’s money laundering investigation which has been sent to the police for follow-up.

The Malta Independent was told that Bugeja, had questioned a number police officers on Monday with some of the questions, relating to how these FIAU documents were leaked to the media.

Court sources told the media house that Bugeja would also be calling in members of the media to ask how they came into possession of the documents. That allegedly show, that the FIAU was tipped off, in 2017, that Delia had, at one point, owned a bank account which could have been associated with prostitution racket in Soho.

Media reports, that quotes the report, said that the FIAU had flagged that there was sufficient evidence that Adrian Delia and his Jersey bank account may have been used for money laundering. The report, also shows senior police officials saying that the FIAU had recommended a criminal investigation.

The reports show that the case had been on the table for a while, but that the police said it as too difficult to crack. 

The Independent had written to the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life George Hyzler asking whether he would be looking into the situation, given the contents of the report. Hyzler replied that the law did not allow him to investigate the case,  as the alleged acts took place before he was in office.

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