Malta imam warns Libyans 'foreign intervention is not free of charge'

World Islamic Call Society’s imam Mohammed El Sadi has called on Libyan forces to solve ‘tragic crisis peacefully’.

Imam Mohammed El Sadi, who for the past decades has led worship at the World Islamic Call Society’s mosque in Paola, has warned against any foreign military intervention in Libya and called for a peaceful mediation between the warring factions.

“It is not in the interest of the Libyan people that any of the two sides reject such mediation and negotiations. Peace should be given a chance. The Libyan People should solve their own problems through their own efforts and not invite foreign military intervention to their homeland, because this will worsen and complicate the situation and impose more fighting upon the Libyans to liberate their country. Foreign military assistance is not free of charge.”

El Sadi, whose office at the Libyan government-funded mosque was recently ransacked by anti-Gaddafi protestors, said the Libyan leadership and opposition still have a chance to solve “this tragic crisis in a peaceful way” and called for an immediate ceasefire.

“There should be sincere and fair mediation and negotiations between the two sides by wise, Libyan or foreign personalities in order to find a peaceful way out of this ordeal. It is a great disappointment that nobody has tried to mediate between the Libyans.”

He also conveyed his heartfelt condolences to “all the families of the martyrs in Libya… we implore God to have mercy upon them and admit them to paradise.”

El Sadi the Libyan leadership and the concerned parties had to take “courageous historical decisions” and put the national interest before personal pride by making concessions and sacrifices that safeguard Libyan unity and save Libyan lives and wealth.”

The imam thanked Malta for showing solidarity and hospitality in helping the Libyan people in humanitarian assistance, and for the evacuation of foreign workers.  “Our thoughts and hearts are with the Maltese workers and businessmen who lost their jobs and business in Libya because of these tragic events. May God provide for them better chances and generous providence.”

“We pray to God Almighty to grant the Libyan People and their leaders the wisdom to make the right decisions and save their country from division, bloodshed and destruction, and bring Libya back to peace, stability and prosperity.”

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Mr.El Sadi. What kind of peace do you suggest? Is it peace under Col.Gaddafi? Peace where no-one can speak freely? Peace where Corruption is the order of the day? Peace where the few are rich and the rest of the people are treated as rats,as said by Col.Gaddafi? I used to admire Col.Gaddafi once. It was a long time ago. But now he is a dictator,no more no less. Peace can be obtained only if he steps down and let the people decide theit future and what type of democracy they want.
Is the Imam reacting to the fact that foreign intervention is from the west which could spell a No-No to sharia law which he is so much in favour? I agree that the amtter should be settled peacefully but also without interference from the religious bands and let the people choose if they would rather have Democracy Western style or democracy?? Islamic style.
Lino Camilleri
Mr. EL sadi why dont you stop talking in vain and go to your country to help the opposition fighting against your regime and tyrant ruler. They are sagrificing their blood for all libyans to gain freedom, democracy and peace which were lost for more then 40 years. You should have condemned the atrocities and genocides being taken place every minute now. Tell me how the demonstrators can protect themselves from the air strikes of the regime forces and merceneraries. This man is worse then hitler.

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