[WATCH] Social housing will no longer be inherited - Prime Minister

Policy change will impact new social housing cases

Cabinet met in a special session at St Vincent de Paul
Cabinet met in a special session at St Vincent de Paul
Special Cabinet meeting discusses housing

Social housing should not be inherited from one generation to another, Joseph Muscat said as government mulls a policy change for new units.

“Social housing should be there for those who truly need it,” the Prime Minister said at the end of a Cabinet meeting held at St Vincent de Paul.

He insisted it made no sense that a house given to an individual in need ended up being inherited by children who would have moved on in life.

The special session focussed on the social sector and the media was invited to cover the initial presentations. Social Policy Minister Michael Falzon gave an overview of his ministry’s work.

Muscat said the policy change linked to social housing will not impact those who benefitted from social housing in the past but only apply to new units.

The government is currently building some 1,000 units across Malta to use as social housing.

Muscat said Cabinet had approved a new equity sharing scheme to help separated and divorced people who individually could not afford a new house after the split.

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