Banner calling on Delia to resign hung outside PN headquarters

The banner was placed in front of the Nationalist Party’s headquarters in Pieta overnight

The banner was hung outside PN HQ overnight
The banner was hung outside PN HQ overnight

A banner calling on Adrian Delia to resign was placed outside the Nationalist Party’s headquarters.

The banner, which reads “Irridu futur - Irrizenjaw” (We want a future - Resign), was hung across the Pieta building’s main entrance, and appears to be calling on not only Delia, but others within the party to step down too.

In the past weeks, calls for the resignation of the embattled PN leader and his top officials were made, following the party’s disastrous performance in the European and local council elections.

The situation was worsened after an PN executive committee decision to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to replace David Stellini, who resigned as an MP, resulted in a backlash for party members who alleged that individuals who were not entitled to vote had participated in the committee’s voting process.

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The executive committee will be meeting on Saturday to decide who to choose as Stellini’s replacement.