Malta’s leadership in promoting equality recognised by Spanish LGBTI association

Malta’s efforts to improve legislation by promoting equality for LGBTIQ people has put the country at the forefront internationally

Malta's efforts promoting equality have been recognised internationall
Malta's efforts promoting equality have been recognised internationall

Malta’s international leadership in the promotion of equality was recognised by the Spanish Diversa Global Association over the weekend.

The country was awarded the Premio Diversa Internacional for 2019. Malta was proposed for the International Award by AACDO, the Spanish Association of Lawyers Against Hate Crimes.

Every year, Diversa Global presents awards to institutions, companies, and individuals who have worked for, exercised, and promoted diversity in all its aspects.

The award is significant because over the past few years the government has worked systematically to introduce equality legislation for LGBTIQ people.

Some of these laws have been ground-breaking internationally. These include the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Constitution’s anti-discrimination article; the introduction of a right to gender identity and a right to bodily integrity for trans, intersex and genderqueer persons; and the introduction of legislation banning gay conversion therapies.

Malta has also introduced marriage equality, putting gay relationships at par with different sex relationships.

But the country has also taken up a strong role in the promotion of equality in the international and regional arena.

Last year, Malta prepared and presented a declaration signed by 19 member states calling for an EU strategy on LGBTIQ rights.

The country is also supporting legal development in other countries with assistance already provided to France, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, a spokesperson for the Equality Ministry said.

The Spanish award was received by Malta’s ambassador to Spain, Vanni Xuereb, at the Palacio de Cibeles, the seat of the Madrid city council.

Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela said Malta was “a clear example for the international community of a society having an inclusive and respectful legal framework for LGBTI diversity”.

The award follows that received by Helena Dalli in 2016 when she was awarded the European Diversity Award.

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