[WATCH] Update 3 | Adrian Delia remains at the helm after PN parliamentary group meeting

A group of around 100 people gathered outside PN headquarters to support Adrian Delia • PN needs to make 'radical changes', Delia says

Adrian Delia speaks at the end of the lengthy parliamentary group meeting
Adrian Delia speaks at the end of the lengthy parliamentary group meeting
The PN parliamentary group is meeting at the party HQ in Pieta
The PN parliamentary group is meeting at the party HQ in Pieta

Final update at 1am on Wednesday

Adrian Delia remains at the helm of the Nationalist Party at the end of a five-and-a-half-hour meeting of the parliamentary group on Tuesday.

The PN leader warned that “radical changes” must be made for the party to remain relevant, adding that none of the MPs had asked him to resign.

“It was a good and constructive meeting and we have the foundations in place for the PN to start doing all possible, includes the radical changes it needs to be do… we look forward to do this together,” Delia told journalists outside the PN headquarters.

PN activists who had gathered outside to show support, applauded Delia.

None of the MPs who exited the building commented on the outcome of the meeting but most had sullen faces.

It was only Karol Aquilina, who gave a statement on the accusations levelled towards him by former PN media chief Pierre Portelli.

Aquilina insisted he would not be cowed into submission by Portelli. He refused to say whether Delia enjoyed his trust, adding that it was the people’s trust that Delia had to win.

In the background, activists were heard saying that Delia enjoyed the trust of party members.

Delia said he had only one parliamentary group and “those who attack any of the MPs were attacking him and the PN”.

He said the parliamentary group will be meeting more regularly but would not elaborate on the changes the party would have to make. “We will make the necessary changes over time… I am not at liberty to divulge what was discussed in the parliamentary group.”

It is understood that Delia put forward 10 proposals for change, most of which consist of structural changes within the party.

Delia said the PN had to understand why people were telling it to remain in Opposition.

“We have to understand what people’s aspirations are… we need to offer alternatives,” he added.

Asked whether other party officials will be resigning after Portelli’s resignation on Monday night, Delia said he had no other resignation offer on his desk. Portelli's resignation was accepted.


The number of Nationalist Party supporters outside the party headquarters has swelled to around 100 as the parliamentary group holds a crucial meeting that is expected to discuss the future of leader Adrian Delia.

The PN leader was asked to leave by a number of MPs during a heated parliamentary group meeting held last week.

Delia has so far given no indication that he will resign.

Most of the people gathered here support Delia, questioning the motive of rebel MPs who want him out.

The people applauded Delia and other MPs deemed loyal to him as they entered the building. MPs Kristy Debono, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, Stephen Spiteri and Mario Galea were all applauded.

Silence accompanied the entry of former leader Simon Busuttil and MPs Jason Azzopardi and Karol Aquilina.

In a heartfelt appeal to MPs, MEP candidate Dione Borg urged them to shoulder responsibility and strive for unity.

On his way in, Delia did not want to comment on what former PN media chief Pierre Portelli said in his resignation letter that some PN MPs had associated themselves with criminal acts to undermine the leader.

Delia insisted that he would only speak about Portelli’s resignation after first addressing the parliamentary group.

Portelli resigned on Monday night after a turbulent meeting of the PN executive. He has since gone on a rampage calling out MPs and party officials who he accused of wanting to undermine the leader.