Tit-for-tat between Pierre Portelli and Karol Aquilina continues

Karol Aquilina accuses Pierre Portelli of being a friend of 17 Black owner, Portelli hits back reminding the PN MP that under his watch, party had taken money from contractors

When Karol Aquilina was president of the PN administrative, the party was caught taking money from contractors, a situation it is still defending itself from with the Electoral Commission, Pierre Portelli said.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday night, Portelli hit back at the PN MP’s statement that Portelli was a personal friend of 17 Black owner Yorgen Fenech.

Aquilina made the comment upon entering PN HQ this evening when attending a parliamentary group meeting. He was reacting to an earlier statement by Portelli, who accused Aquilina of accompanying Manuel Delia in court for a case against NET TV.

In his latest tirade, Portelli said at the time, neither Aquilina nor those above him, had resigned.

Portelli was referring to the incident prior to the 2017 election when the Seabank Group had claimed that it paid the salaries of top PN officials against false invoices.

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