[WATCH] Tal-Balal Road linking Naxxar and San Ġwann officially opened

Transport Minister Ian Borg says the new road would be ‘positively affecting more than 2,100 cars’

The newly-completed Tal-Balal Road
The newly-completed Tal-Balal Road

The ‘Tal-Balal’ road, which connects Naxxar and San Ġwann was officially opened this morning, following a widening and rebuilding project.

Transport Minister Ian Borg emphasized that the works had seen 1.8km of road upgraded, including the rebuilding of four new roundabouts.

Borg said that “for every €1 invested, the country would be receiving €7 back”.

“Today we are here because we implemented a project that is positively affecting more than 2,100 cars passing through here every hour during peak morning and afternoon hours, and we are expecting a reduction of 40% in travelling time,” Borg said.

He added that the project would mean “less frustration on the road, fewer emissions, and fewer dust particles in the air”.

Borg noted that the road also included “for the first time ever the placement of a pavement providing safe pedestrian access” as well as “cycling facilities”, which have, however, been described as substandard and dangerous by cyclists.

The works were originally announced to include the final part of the Tal-Balal Road that passes the Taż-Żwejt housing estate, with a spokesperson for Infrastructure Malta teling MaltaToday that the project would be completed when works on other projects are complete.

That phase, the spokesperson said, would also include the redesigning of the roundabout opposite Valyou Supermarket in Naxxar. 

The minister inisted that work towards increasing facilities for alternative means of transport, as well as better roads for vehciles, had been “made clear in a number of other projects scattered around the Maltese road network, and stressed that the government will not accept a road network that creates inefficiency and discomfort”.  

Borg said that the project had included the settig up a “good road lighting system, strong foundations, a great number of guiding signs as well as a system of jersey barriers”. He added that the roundabout design was also planned for improved safety.

The project also included improvement works on services and the building of 2.5 kilometres of rubble walls.

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