Air Malta’s new Airbus neo will be able to provide onboard WiFi

Chairman Charles Mangion said the airline was investing in a better customer experience and was also looking to eliminate plastic from its operations

The new Airbus A320neo is Air Malta's third new aircraft in less than two years
The new Airbus A320neo is Air Malta's third new aircraft in less than two years

Air Malta this morning took delivery of the latest Airbus A320neo that will be added to its fleet, with chairman Charles Mangion said would provide a more comfortable experience to passengers.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Mangion stressed that the aircraft was Air Malta’s third new one in 20 months. The entire fleet would be changed within five years, he added.

“This means that the service on the aircraft is better,” Mangion said, addinf that in addition to having more comfortable seats, the aircraft was also equipped with features like USB chargers in each seat and the necessary infrastructure to provide onboard WiFi.

Air Malta, he said was adopting a more customer-centric approach to its operations in a bid to boost customer satisfaction.

Beyond its onboard features, Mangion said the new aircraft would also waste less fuel and contribute to Air Malta lowering its carbon footprint. He said Air Malta was also working to eliminate plastic from its onboard service to further reduce its environmental impact.

“This makes the country avant-garde when it comes to the trends, demands and aspirations of society,” he said, adding that the airline was ultimately also a part of the local and international community.

Air Malta was also making significant investments in other areas of its operations as well as the training of its employees.

Mangion also stressed that the airline needed to support of its employees to sustain its plans for growth and appealed to the pilots’ union to sign a draft agreement, which he said was the result of 18 months of negotiations.

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