Johann Buttigieg stepping down as Planning Authority executive chairman

The Planning Authority said that Johann Buttigieg will be moving on to another post in another public entity

Johann Buttigieg
Johann Buttigieg

Johann Buttigieg will be leaving the post of Executive Chairman of the Planning Authority by mutual consent, a PA statement said on Friday.

He will be moving on to another post in a public entity, a PA spokesperson said.

The PA thanked Buttigieg for his "sterling work" since the inception of the same authority. A transition period will now follow. 

Infrastructure minister Ian Borg praised Buttigieg for his work in the six years he served as PA chairman and said that he was "instrumental in the reform of the sector that was instituted back in 2016 and in the PA's contribution to the development of the country and its economy."

Buttigieg was appointed CEO of the Planning Authority in 2013, before presiding over its demerger and appointed as its executive chairman.

Buttigieg was earning a basic salary of €83,324, topped up with a €7,000 car allowance, chauffeur, paid fuel and car service, as well as a fully expensed mobile phone and €600 home telephone and internet allowance, and a membership fee in a professional body.

Buttigieg was also eligible for a 15% performance bonus at the end of the year that brings his salary up to over €95,000 annually – one of the highest salaries paid to government officials – and a significant 50% bump over his salary back in 2013.

Buttigieg’s salary and allowances were under discussion back in January 2017, when the former CEO was appointed executive chairman with added responsibilities, which include chairing the PA’s executive council under the new planning law.

As CEO, Johann Buttigieg was receiving an annual salary of €60,000 then, €10,000 less than his predecessor Ian Stafrace. When he was appointed in 2011, Stafrace received a basic salary of €65,000 – which was set to increase to €70,000 in the second and third years of his appointment.

While Buttigieg was in charge of the day-to-day running of the PA, the PA chairman Vince Cassar was appointed on a part-time basis with a salary of €18,000. In 2013, his predecessor, Austin Walker, who was initially appointed as executive chairman in 2008, received an annual salary of €93,000.

The executive chairperson may only be dismissed by a resolution of the House of Representatives at any time “for a just cause”. The law also specifies that failure to achieve “the targets and objectives set for him by the Minister”, amount to a just cause for dismissal.

Back in May of last year, Buttigieg was being touted for the position of Lands Authority CEO after the resignation of Carlo Mifsud. 

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